Straight guys jerking off together
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I had met Marcus a number of instances, and he knew how close me and Sian were, he also knew she told me almost everything about every thing, so sometimes he seemed a little awkward about me, but he said it was cool if she wanted me to be the other straight boy, and Sian then approached me about their little ‘idea’.
For the nest two weeks I found myself on, clicking on ‘bisexual’ tags, and watchin mmf 3sums all the time! It was actually turning me on and it wasn’t lengthy just before i was on the phone to Sian saying ‘yes’!

Marcus had his personal place, and Sian stayed there most weekends, so we arranged the date for a Friday night. I was really nervous, but genuinely searching forward to it too. Marcus was actually fit, so i created certain i did a little of added perform within the fitness center and loads more swimmin in the run as much as it, had a superb shave too, as i knew Sian loves her men shaved down beneath. Then the big weekend arrived.
I arrived in the house about 7pm, and was welcomed having a massive manly handshake from Marcus, Sian was within the kitchen gettin dinner prepared. It was all really civilised and we had a good meal, chatted round the table about all osrts of items some dirty, some not. When dinner was more than, Sian got up and annouced she was acquiring a shower and will be back in a handful of minutes, so Marcus and I headed to the sofa. As soon as she was gone, he got truly dirty, asking me what I wanted to perform with her, and telling me what he would like us to perform to her too. I was genuinely starting to bulge in my boxers. I oculd see he was too, as he was only wearin jogging bottoms, i could currently see he was huge under them!
I know this is a really slow create up, but just to put it into context. This is where the fun genuinely began! Marcus stood up and went for the Television, and put on a porno DVD, which was so fucking hot it was unreal. It was needless to say, of a mmf bi 3 sum, of two hot, fit straight guys banging a tasty tiny blonde thing on a weights bench inside a fitness center! He sat back down and mentioned he ‘thought this would get us in to the mood’ - as if we weren’t in it currently. Inside seconds he had his cock in hand pumping it hard whilst watchin the porn.